Among other things, an embarrassing confession (please cover your eyes if you’re musically sensitive)

It’s been a strange few weeks.

I’ve been working on both Total Film and DVD Review, so I’ve been sitting in my old office with my old colleagues but on different desks each time, which is weird to say the least. I’ve also been working on a Secret Project (TM) involving Americans and hieroglyphics and a non-disclosure agreement promising an appointment in front of a judge in a Kansas courtroom if I reveal anything about it, hence my referring to it as my Secret Project (TM). It’s been fun, though.

I’ve also had to turn down another Secret Project (TM), which just about broke my heart. I wish I could say some things were more important than money, but when you have rent to pay they’re really not.


Enough of the enigmatic stuff. Things that have happened to me since I last blogged:

1) I’ve watched all but the last three episodes of The Wire’s second season. Favourite scene? The police prepare to raid a brothel and the lead detective calms down a jittery cop by saying, “It’s alright, there’s no hurry. What are they gonna do, flush half a dozen whores down the toilet?”

2) My friend – the one who wasn’t sure about watching 300 because of Gerard Butler being half-nekkid – saw it this week and announced, “Gerry can stick his giblets in my face anytime.” Told you it was good.

3) While working for DVD Review I ended up sitting at a desk sandwiched between the magazines Classic Rock and Metal Hammer. Great teams, strange music: everything from Cliff Richard to Manowar. I’ll leave it to you decide which magazine played which.

4) The sign over Metal Hammer‘s corner of the office reads: “Metal Hammer – population seven. Please drive slowly through our village.” Bless.

5) Saw Hot Fuzz. “By the power of Greyskull!”

6) Also saw Claire Danes in my local Tesco. We both did a double take and then walked on. I interviewed her last year and I’m wondering if she recognised me, although I doubt it. She looked weird not wearing a corset.

7) I sat on a train with two Italian girls who talked fluent – and very intense- gibberish for the entire journey until one of them suddenly said, “Austin Powers.” And then they both fell silent. WTF?

8) I went for a back x-ray (long story) at the hospital I’ve just discovered 25 minutes down the road from me and found that all the doctors there are rather hot. And their x-ray machine is very cool.

9) While waiting for my x-ray I finished reading Tom Baker’s book The Boy Who Kicked Pigs, which has cemented my opinion that Tom Baker is a very scary man. Like, needs to see a head doctor scary.

10) I’ve discovered that Neil Finn is stalking me. Not only has my musical hero moved from New Zealand to live just outside my old stomping ground of Bath, now he’s staying in a hotel just seconds from my office with the rest of Crowded House while he records their new album. I would say “Leave me alone, stalker dude!” but, you know, he’s Neil Finn and he can stalk me all he wants.

11) I’ve seen more US TV than one brain can fully handle. Heroes and Battlestar Galactica are still amazing, Medium continues to carve out a niche as the most underrated show on TV right now (a title that used to fall to The Dead Zone), Veronica Mars has jumped the shark (sorry, James, I know you love it) and Supernatural… well, the Winchesters own my soul. What can I say?

12) The Winchesters also own my music taste, it seems. Why else would I be listening to endless loops of such tracks as “Renegade” by Styx, “Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas or “In A Gadda Da Vida” by Iron Butterfly? If you’d have told me a year ago that I’d be willingly listening to AC/DC or Black Sabbath I’d have waved my Monkees CDs at them and asked, “Do I look like a fan of mullet rock?” Strewth.

13) But – and I still can’t believe this – it gets worse. People of a nervous disposition, look away now:

For no reason I can determine, and it certainly has nothing to do with Supernatural, I’ve suddenly started listening to…

…God, I can hardly say it…

…John Denver.

He really does have an amazing voice! Though “Annie’s Song” is awful. I prefer “Wild Montana Skies”.

*runs away and hides*



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5 responses to “Among other things, an embarrassing confession (please cover your eyes if you’re musically sensitive)

  1. Ruud Visser

    …I was always rather fond of “rocky mountain high”…

  2. Jayne Nelson

    Yaaay! I’m not alone!

  3. Lizwc

    I’m now very very scared for you…. it’s the slippery slope … next you’ll be setting your video for The Country Music Awards

  4. Crimsonyte

    I downloaded both Annie’s Song and Rocky Mountain High a while back, so you’re most definitely not alone!

    OMG, the Crowdies living around the corner!!!! You’ll have to give me a H&P report if you see Neil.

    Sorry to hear you can’t make the Secret Project 😦

  5. M N Ali

    Hi. Just found a link to your blog from last month’s SFX. I love your column. 🙂

    I don’t know much about John Denver’s music.
    BUT I’ll totally agree with you about the music from Supernatural. I LOVE it. I always liked rock music but never really listened to AC/DC and stuff.
    And you know what’s really sad? Because of my love for the show (and Dean, what can I say other than *drool*?) I saw a cool t-shirt in TK Maxx with AC/DC Back in Black written on it, and BOUGHT IT!


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