Free Willy

So Daniel Radcliffe received rave reviews today for his role as a troubled – and naked – young man in Peter Shaffer’s “Equus”, and I couldn’t be happier for him, if only because the project could have been a disaster and he would have been absolutely freakin’ crucified for it if it hadn’t worked. The boy can act! Hurrah!

I am a bit miffed, though, because I had a free front row ticket for the first night of previews but the bloody thing fell through, and now not only am I too poor buy a ticket (£50 – yikes!) but a million drooling Harry Potter fangirls have bought every seat in the theatre from now until the end of time anyway.

Still, the thought of spending an evening only a few feet away from Dan’s dangly bits was a strangely disconcerting one, so I’m secretly relieved. Not that there’s anything wrong with them (as far as I know), but I’m old enough to be his mother and he’s very young and kind of cute and I really shouldn’t encourage my brain to think those kind of thoughts. Therefore, I can announce that both he and I had a lucky escape. Silver linings and all that.

One thing, though: the front page of The London Paper tonight had the greatest headline ever…


And, just for an instant, I imagined his willy walking onto stage, doing a little dance, singing a song, possibly juggling some balls and then, with a final wink at the crowd, shuffling off into obscurity again.

I’d have bloody well paid £50 to see that.


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One response to “Free Willy

  1. Badger Madge

    I’d only be wowed if he could make his penis juggle its own balls… ahem.

    Apparently there’s totty for the slightly older ladies (as in those old enough to feel awkward at finding Daniel attractive) in the form of Will Kemp (I believe that’s his name). He’s a fine young man (although I’m not sure how the West End would react to his (non juggling) pecker.

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