House Beautiful

At around 3pm last Sunday afternoon you may have heard a shrill squeaking sound emanating from somewhere in the vicinity of West London. Apologies if it annoyed you: that was me, discovering that Crowded House, my favourite group in the world, were not only reforming but also going on a world tour. By some fluke I found out within a couple of hours of the news being published in an Australian newspaper and then spent the entire day bouncing up and down like Tigger after 15 large espressos.

I never got to see Crowded House live before they split ten years ago, so this is a dream come true for me. It’s sad that former drummer Paul Hester isn’t with us to join the fun, but I’m sure he’s wishing his pals luck from the other side. I’m also sure there’ll be a sweet little tribute to him during every show. I’m guessing it’ll be “Sister Madly”, but we’ll see. In any case, I’ll be going to as many gigs as I can handle, so it’s a good job that…

…I’m actually getting work so I can pay for it all! This freelance lark is going rather well, though I’m touching wood like a superstitious freak even as I type those words. An hour ago I accepted a booking for a week-long stint on a big magazine, and that on top of my other bookings means I’m going to be busy until 19 February. There should be work after that, too: projects are merrily sailing over the horizon towards me. A fleet of ’em, you could say, if you want to extend that oceanic image even further. I’m just hoping none of the ships spring a leak or get raided by pirates.

I’m finding one thing weird, though: I thought I’d hate working from home, but I don’t. I thought I’d enjoy it at first but then I’d start to miss being around people – you know, chatting at the coffee machine, messing about with mates at lunchtime, joking over little things that happen during the day. Instead I’m discovering that working from home is the best thing EVER! I’m still seeing friends (I’m making a point of it; I don’t want to turn into the crazy hermit lady who talks about nothing but American television and how rats make really good pets), but I’m also having lie-ins and going to bed at 3am and taking breaks when I want and thoroughly enjoying life in the real world. It’s brilliant! It’s going to be one hell of a shock next week when I set foot in an office again, albeit as a freelancer. I think my ideal scenario would be to work from home two weeks of the month and do subbing shifts the rest of the time… fingers crossed I’ll get there!

Oh, and speaking of getting up late, yesterday I woke up at 10.30am (after going to bed in the very wee small hours, which I’m growing rather fond of doing) to a phone call from an agency regarding an interview. I was half asleep but somehow managed to carry on a completely competent conversation with them… until I blearily wandered into my living room, looked out of the window and saw this:

Snow! Everywhere!

I wanted to yell, “It’s been snowing!!!” but I couldn’t, because it would have meant admitting I’d only just woken up and looked out of the window. And because I really didn’t want them to think I was a lazy sow who doesn’t wake up until the middle of the morning, I managed to keep my voice level on the phone as though everything was just dandy. However, the minute the call was over I had my face pressed on the glass like a stuffed Garfield toy in full-on “I’m a kid again” mode. Later, I went for a walk in Syon Park and it was utterly beautiful. Lordy, but I love winter!

And finally, before I ramble on any more, I have to show you this:

It’s a footnote to my last post and was created by a complete stranger who reads this blog – thank you! I laughed until I got a stitch, and then I laughed some more until I unstitched.

I make a bloody scary cat!



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7 responses to “House Beautiful

  1. Ruud Visser

    Wow, it seems like everybody is reforming and touring. Crowded House, The Eagles (again!),The Police, Genesis (with Phil, but without Peter), The Who….
    Overhere the Dolly Dots are doing a few reunion shows in their original six-woman line-up.

    I am happy to say that my fave band The Nits haven’t split up yet, and tour regularly.

    Now if only Georg Kajanus would join the rest of his mates, and start touring again and save my fave band from my teens from their terrible misery of having to do mostly seventies revival shows…..

    Snow. Sigh……. I remember it from my youth. I wish we would have lots of it so Lília could experience a real winter…..

  2. Sue S

    I think I live in the one small corner of Britain which has had absolutely no snow thus far. Much to the chagrin of my 10-year-old!

    Oh Jayne – saw you on Parallel Worlds (repeat, obviously) the other night. How come you’ve not aged a day in 4 years? Do you have a portrait hidden away which gets older, instead of you? I’m madly jealous.

    Great news about Crowded House. I never followed them as such, but really enjoy their music. Enjoy the tour, assuming you go!


  3. Crimsonyte

    Hi Jayne, it’s Val. Liked the look of your blog (have used LJ in the past but got bored) so thought I’d sign up myself. Thanks for the email, will respond soon. Needless to say I’m ridiculously excited about the boys being back together. And Paul will be there in spirit. When I saw them after he left they would always talk about him so they’ll no doubt do the same this time.

  4. Anny

    We have had no snow here in bath which is very unfair as i am on holiday this week and would have lived a bit of snow to run around in and keep myself busy with on my planless days.
    I’m not sure you are able to brag about rats as pets without actually having any:-) which brings me to the point of there are 2 very friendly girls here in the c&d home that would love a good home or one still in foster care who my friend said is still nervous and could do with a nice quiet home:-)anyway i do know the answer but just thought i would give you somethin to think about and they are only 10weeks old, black and some dumbos:-)

  5. Anny

    oops i meant loved a bit of snow hehehehehehe

  6. Saxon

    Oh my god.

    I may need therapy to recover from the picture.

    (And no- I don’t mean the Crowded House one…)

    Very, very disturbing…

    Glad to hear all is well, ma’am!

  7. Biddy Brumpton

    Cat-Jayne creeps me OUT dude!

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