An American Geek-Out In London

Sometimes you have to cram a whole year’s worth of conversation into a single day.

I spent yesterday with my friend James White, who many moons ago was the News Editor on Total Film before flitting off to settle among the bright lights and smog of Los Angeles. I hadn’t seen him since last Christmas and we did so much talking in our eleven hours together that we’d both gone a bit croaky by the time we said goodbye. I’m happy to announce that of those eleven hours of chat, at least ten-and-a-half were spent talking about TV and film. Aha, it’s that SAMEBRAINITY again.

We discussed Heroes in the John Soanes Museum. The merits of Joss Whedon in front of the Rosetta Stone in the British Museum. Doctor Who – naturally – by the London Eye (James: “Look, it’s that Nestene transmitter!”). Eventually we ended up at my place, brainstorming ideas for a future SFX column I’d been pondering, while Angel played on the Sci Fi Channel and James laughed at my framed photo of me and Vecchio and the Mountie from Due South.

As far as geek-fests go, it was a doozy.

I did wonder if, after two years living in California, James might’ve gone a bit Hollywood. You know the thing – if he’d picked up an accent or said “sidewalk” instead of “pavement” or generally couldn’t remember how to use British money any more. I’m happy to say he was relatively unspoiled, if you excuse this small hiccup in Starbucks:

Me: “Could I have a large latte please?”
James: “Could I have a grande white chocolate caffe mocha with peppermint syrup and hold the whipped cream?”

I mean, honestly.



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5 responses to “An American Geek-Out In London

  1. Ruud Visser

    Talking about being Americanized, director Jan de Bont (of Speed and Twister-fame, and some other not-so-famed movies) is born and bred in the Netherlands, but often when he is here flogging his latest offering, they usually subtitle him in his interviews.
    And that is when he is talking Dutch!

    Jeroen Krabbé, Rutger Hauer, Paul Verhoeven and Famke Janssen fortunatly still know their native language accentless…

    Sounded like you had a nice day though.
    Or wasn’t it a coincidence that your mate was visiting? I smell a “get Jayne away from the telly+-intervention….

    Dutch Ruud

  2. Jenni

    By the way, I’ve still got the copy of the picture of you with Vecchio and Fraser!! Plus whilst wide awake in the early hours this morning I decided to take a leaf out of your book and watch the X Files. It was very good but I don’t think it’s a cure for insomnia!!

  3. Anny

    I would like to point out this small thing, i have never set foot in the coffee capital that is America but i do beat his coffee order as you should remember, my fave order being:
    Soya white chocolate mocha not mixed with sugar free hazelnut put in last! and i thank you:-) it is a masterpiece of coffee goodness

  4. VanessaR

    You have a pic of you and Vecchio and Fraser? You lucky woman? Tell me, is Paul Gross as handsome in real life? I dunno, I’m getting far too old to have crushes on actors!

  5. Talitha

    When i read you’re samebrainity post a while back I think i laughed very loudly, not only because you are very funny but also because that’s me and my best friend too! We always think the same thing at the same time (sometimes getting a little too creepy) anyway just wantd you to know that we use the word samebrainity all the time now 🙂

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