Simply The Best

Well, yesterday I hit the wall at the end of The X-Files’ second season and couldn’t watch any more, which meant I spent today getting my freelance life organised and not sitting in front of the TV. Hurrah! I also found the time to watch the film Transamerica, which I loved, mostly because it made me laugh like a drain but also because it was just so kooky. But not kooky in a “look at us, we’re being so whacked!” manner, just… kooky. Loveably kooky.

It is The Kook.

(To digress a little… it’s funny how I’ve started calling things “the” something-or-other. It began with me saying, “That is The Awesome!”, which I picked up off the internet, and then I was using it all the time.

“That is The Weird!” “That is The Crazy!” “That is The Sex!”

The internet-speakers I copied also spell “the” like this: “teh”. Which I’m NOT going to do, because it is Teh Wrong.)

I recently sent SFX my list of fave things from 2006 for their SFX Reader Awards. In case anyone has a yen to find out what I thought, the list is below. Have you done yours? No? Well, it’s too late now because voting has closed.

That is The End.

Best Film: Superman Returns
Best Film Actor: Brandon Routh (Superman Returns)
Best Film Actress: Ivana Baquero (Pan’s Labyrinth)
Best Film Director: Alfonso Cuaron (Children Of Men)

Best TV Show: Heroes
Best TV Episode: “Devil’s Trap” (Supernatural)
Best TV Actor: Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Supernatural)
Best TV Actress: Yunjin Kim (Lost) (Incidentally, I regret voting for her now because I think I should’ve voted for Grace Park – Sharon from Battlestar Galactica. But there you go.)

Best Novel: It’s Superman! by Tom De Haven
Best Non-Fiction Book: Superman: Cover To Cover by DC Comics

Best Game: Don’t play any!
Best Comic: Civil War or Wolverine… darn, I’m torn! Oh, make it Civil War, then.

Sexiest Woman: Yunjin Kim (Lost)
Sexiest Man: Jensen Ackles (Supernatural)

Hall of Fame Award (please nominate an individual who’s made an outstanding contribution to SF in 2006): Everyone on Battlestar Galactica.

Hall of Shame (please nominate an individual who has brought shame to SF in 2006): Nobody. Think positive!

The Life On Mars “Shut It” Award – who needs to be gagged?: Nobody. See previous answer.

I still can’t believe I put Heroes as my favourite show and not Supernatural, but it just edged to the front because it is, quite simply, magnificent. Hiro Nakamura is also the greatest single creation in the world of SF/fantasy this year. Hiro rules!

Wait till it airs over here. You’ll see…



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4 responses to “Simply The Best

  1. Anny

    I’m glad you stoped writing about x-files as every time i have read ur blogs about it i want to rush home dig out my vid’s (yes i know who has video anymore….well i do) lock myself in my room drool over mulder all over again while getting mildly frightened of Eugene Victor Tooms, ok well i might actually skip those 2 episodes he really gives me the willys, he is in the same group as ET for me, shouldn’t be frightening but my god they are scary!! oh for god sake i am an adult i should be over it by now

  2. Jayne Nelson

    I know what to say to make you feel better:


  3. Paul

    I know what you mean about Heroes Jayne. I *can’t wait* for it to return in a couple of weeks. So much I want to see in the rest of the season! Hiro vs Dinosaur! Sylar! Peter getting his haircut! OK, maybe not the last one, but still. What a great series – Good choice!

  4. Anny

    Oh i so just laughed out loud!!! i love that word it’s just so funny!!!
    I know it really shouldn’t be

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