Anyone care to perform an intervention on my behalf?

I need help.

Serious, professional help.

I can’t stop watching my X-Files DVD box sets.

Total Film gave me HMV vouchers as a leaving gift and I took the opportunity to fill in the blanks in my collection, buying seasons two and three to add to the others I already had. I stormed through season one in a week, and yesterday I watched a whopping 14 episodes from season two.

I think I’m broken now.

Random observations from re-watching the show, from the start, for the first time in years:

1) Mulder mentions Elvis a lot.

2) Scully’s hair improves considerably after Gillian Anderson had her baby.

3) Desperate Housewives’ Felicity Huffman, looking ridiculously young, gets a nasty worm in her ear in “Ice”.

4) The West Wing/Studio 60‘s Bradley Whitford has astonishingly big arm muscles in “Firewalker”.

5) Krycek. Hallooooo, nurse!

6) Mulder always falls asleep on his couch in front of a B-movie. I kind of remembered this from first viewing, but it bears mentioning again because it’s rather sweet.

7) Skinner keeps doing this pouty thing with his mouth that can only be described as a “bitch face”.

8) Remember the cable car Mulder takes up to Skyland Mountain in “Ascension”? The one he ends up dangling from? I’ve been on that! In reality, it carries you up to Grouse Mountain with a spectacular view of Vancouver. Glad Krycek wasn’t at the controls during my trip, though.

9) The early ’90s were full of men and women wearing round, Harry Potter-style glasses.

10) I’m getting dizzy playing “spot the actor”. The X-Files is littered with guest stars from Stargate, The Dead Zone, Dead Like Me, Battlestar Galactica, Supernatural, Smallville and a million other shows shot in Hollywood North or Toronto. It’s unbelievably distracting… “Hey, look, the shrink Scully’s pouring her heart out to is Delores from Dead Like Me! That nurse who just got attacked by a ghost is Doctor Frasier from Stargate! And the brother-in-law of the reincarnated bank robber in “Born Again” is Callum Keith Rennie, the second Ray Vecchio from Due South, and he’s also a Cylon in Battlestar Galactica and the forest ranger guy from the second episode of Supernatural and he played Shalimar’s boyfriend in Mutant X and Dana’s ex-squeeze in The Dead Zone and he also plays a gravedigger in season two of The X-Files because they obviously decided he was too good to just use once, and then there’s that woman who…”

Kill me now.



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10 responses to “Anyone care to perform an intervention on my behalf?

  1. Iain

    Put down the remote and step away from the telly. Go for a walk. Otherwise your brain will melt. I blitzed through season two of The West Wing in a day, and by the end of it I felt like I had MS too.

    That and I kept thinking “All of you people have been in Sorkin’s other stuff.”

    Deep breath, then go watch something less insane.

  2. Jayne Nelson


  3. Iain

    Well distract yourself with this:

  4. Jayne Nelson

    Already seen it, and it’s ace!

  5. Gina

    I TOTALL concur on the whole Bradley Whitford arms thing. mmmm, Bradley’s arms….

    Also concur on Krychek. Mmmm, Krychek.

    But as for reused actors and scenes, well, yeah. Heck, Krychek was on 2 episodes of Highlander (also filmed in Hollywood North). There’s apparently a building or garage or something up there that has grafitti from both shows. Something to the effect of Duncan MacLeod was here. I don’t remember the X-Files grafitti, but I know it’s there. Anyway, the one I like is when Scully is in Philadelphia (don’t know what season, if it’s any of the first 3), and she walks right past…. Duncan MacLeod’s apartment! On the wrong coast!

  6. Ruud Visser

    Lília had this DVD addiction as well, untill two years ago.
    So I suggest that you have a babygirl, a steady job, ánd a part-time college-course, and you simple don’t have the time to watch anything, basically.
    (you noticed I left out her having a demanding, time-consuming hubby as well…?)

  7. Biddy Brumpton

    You go ahead if your having fun!!!

    I watched the entire first season of Supernatural in two days and I’m perfectly well-adjusted.


  8. Lizwc

    I’m just jealous. I want to quit my job and spend all day watching DVDs too.
    Please keep it up as I’m living vicariously now.

  9. Badger Madge

    Jayne, you have my sympathies. When I was at uni a friend and I had what is now known (infamously I may add) as ‘The Buffy-fest’. I can’t remember how many series we watched, but it took us three and a half days, non-stop (only wee breaks and food breaks allowed).

    Another time, Paul and I did a 24-fest where we watched the whole of series one in a weekend (again, only wee breaks and food permitted). Lately I had an Office-fest where I watched it all (plus Xmas specials) in a weekend.

    I say go for it. You need a blow-out every now and then.

  10. WhiteCrowUK

    I find the words “it gets crap after season 3” usually turn me off, along with the ever more obscure “revelations” … no honestly they’re not making this up I’m sure …

    Which brings me to Lost … 😉

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