Goodwill To All Men, Not A ‘Bah, Humbug’ In Sight

Merry Christmas! Here’s hoping you all had a wonderful time – or still are, if you haven’t returned to work yet and remain full of Christmas spirit, which should definitely be the case!

I’ll blog properly in a day or two when I take my ‘holiday’ head off (which brings to mind Worzel Gummidge and his many heads, something I haven’t thought about in many a year… damn, that scarecrow used to freak me out). At the moment I can barely rouse myself from my sofa, such is my determination to do as little as possible. The way I see it, I’ve just left my job and, after ten years straight of working in offices, I need a break like Ice Age’s Scrat needs his acorns.

Peace and quiet! Long lie-ins! Late nights! Much chocolate and even more coffee!

**contented sigh**

Then again, if I don’t move soon, I’m gonna grow roots. Maybe I’ll actually get dressed tomorrow.



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6 responses to “Goodwill To All Men, Not A ‘Bah, Humbug’ In Sight

  1. Iain

    See, now I’ve got this image of you padding around in big fluffy bunny slippers with a mug of coffee the size of Venezuela in some weird B-list Canadian TV actor fixated version of Bridget Jones.

  2. Jayne Nelson

    Strewth. Have you placed a hidden camera in my living room?

  3. Jenni

    Do you want any mince pies? I have 2 dozen, I cannot fit anymore in!!!!

  4. Ruud Visser

    I remember those christmases from when I was single! A lot of not-too-healthy food, and a pile of books and video’s. Just relax and vegetate….

    This year’s christmas went different than we planned. Lília caught a flue and spend most of chistmasdays in bed, leaving me with Jasmijn to entertain.
    And of course she picked of all days those days to have a serious bout of what we call “toddler-puberty”.
    They were long days…

    Still, though we on principle try not to use the tv or DVD as a babysit, I thank Lord Pixar for the creation of His Digital Clownfish, giving Jasmijn some distraction so I could play with my new toys…

    Lília is fine now, and since we both are free untill January 2nd, we will make up for lost time….

  5. Anny

    now i really regret not cominmg down for new year i could have saved you from getting stuck to the sofa for ever with only the metal bunny for company, all i can suggest to help is imagine all the christmas pounds you are not shifting by not doing the simplest of tasks such as getting dressed.

    By the way i will take some of tho’s mince pies mmmmmmmmmm warm mincey pie goodness

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