Gifts Galore And Thanks In Abundance!

First off, I’d like to thank Dutch Ruud and Brasilian Lilia, regular readers of this blog from The Netherlands, for going to the trouble of sending me a Christmas present – despite the fact that we’ve never even spoken, let alone met! It arrived at my work today and I was absolutely amazed at their thoughtfulness. Obviously I haven’t opened the present yet but the letter was just lovely. I’m very touched that two complete strangers took the time to do something so sweet… and I’m very humbled. Thank you again!

(I’m also thrilled to bits to hear that Lilia bought The Winter Of Enchantment – I really hope you enjoy it! If you do write that article, let me know if you need any details…)

And, sticking with the ‘fabulous gifts’ theme, my friend Anne outdid herself this year by buying all my Christmas shopping online and having it delivered to me this evening in lieu of an ordinary present. Knowing that the freelance life I’m embarking upon might leave me starving, she bought me enough food to last a nuclear winter. It took me four trips to get it all up the stairs to my flat, and even the delivery man looked surprised at the mountain of shopping bags he piled on my doorstep.

There are now a whopping 33 packets of crisps in my kitchen!

I have the biggest box of cornflakes I’ve EVER SEEN!

I have more soup than I’ve ever eaten in my life!

I even have two cans of Smash potato mix, which is somehow very funny although I’m not quite sure why – maybe it’s the thought of the Smash aliens being in my cupboard?

So thank you, Anne. As ever, you’ve proved you have a heart of gold, along with two complete strangers from across the Channel (who have the cutest little girl in a bunny shirt evah – Merry Christmas, Jasmijn!).



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