Week From Hell!

There’ll be no blogging from me for a short while because I have the Week From Hell fast approaching. I’ve never been so busy in my frickin’ life, what with work, work and more work. Which is great… except it’s not, because when am I supposed to sleep ‘n’ stuff? There’s even a small chance I’ll miss my own leaving party (6pm, Thursday 7 December at the Hobgoblin – next to Marylebone Station – if you want to come along) because of our deadline. Which is hugely ironic. Fingers crossed I can make it!

Incidentally, if anyone reading this did happen to see me on TV, I’d like to state once again for the record that I am not fat. One of my appearances made my arms look like tree trunks, when in reality my arms are slim and completely fine.

Note to self: turn off widescreen function on TV when watching yourself.

Right, need to work. Speak to you on the other side…



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8 responses to “Week From Hell!

  1. Anny

    Good luck on ur week mate, just remember if it gets to much just give urself a quick rub down with superman hehehehehehehe

  2. Anonymous

    Oi Nelson! Get down that pub, you!

    Hope you have a fab final week – TF won’t be the same without you *sniff*

    Badger Madge xxx

  3. Biddy Brumpton

    If it all gets too much, remember this simple mantra.

    Bollocks to the lot of you.
    Bollocks to the lot of you.
    Bollocks to the lot of you.

    Gets me through the day…

  4. Jayne Nelson

    You are three very wise women. I love you muchly.

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Jayne,
    lil Desdemona in hospital re her spine, just rang consultant vet hes given her a mylogram procedure,
    hopefully she can come home tomorrow , as its too dangerous to operate on her spine in 3 places , but touch wood they are treating her with steroids etc ,,,
    Do hope you get to your party!!!!
    Lorraine I couldnt agree with you more lol xxx

  6. the sidog

    Funnily enough my week has been the exact opposite to yours which is why I have discovered your blog, hope you didn’t wear yourself out too much.

  7. Ruud Visser

    Sadly we couldn’t make it to the party because of a modest sea being between our house and the venue, but thanks for the invite! We are sure that it was a success, and that the party was only to say farewell to the job, and not to the people involved in it…

  8. Ruud Visser

    Sadly we copuln’d make it to the farewellparty because of this sea between our house and the venue. By the time we arrived, the police was already clearing up, so I guess we missed something, eh?

    We are quite sure that the farewell-part only refers to the job, and not to the people involved in it, right?

    Dutch Ruud

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