TV Times

I love my cameraphone. It allows me to take pretty pictures like the one above on my way home from work (although some of the credit has to go to London for being so purty in the first place). Isn’t it amazing that I can click a button on my phone, send the picture to my computer and then post it on a blog for all the world to see?

Technology is just the bestest, ain’t it?

Anyway, enough of the silly and down to the real reason for this post: shameless self-promotion. I’m on TV next week in two different programmes! On Tuesday 28 November on BBC4 at 9pm I’ll be a ‘talking head’ on a show called Parallel Worlds, and then on Saturday 2 December at 8.20pm I’ll be on the same channel on The Cinema Show. Funny how I filmed them both ages ago and they ended up being broadcast in the same week…

If you’re bored and fancy a look, bear in mind that the camera puts 20lbs on me instead of the 10lbs it puts on most people, and it was really, really hot when we were filming for the first show. The second one was filmed at the MoD base I mentioned a while back and I was far more relaxed, which should be obvious.

Plus – and I’m not sure about this – I think I use the word “willy” at one point.

Though I can’t promise they left it in.

(The word, that is, not a willy… oh, enough with the smut.)



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5 responses to “TV Times

  1. Ruud Visser

    Wow, the London Eye indeed looks impressive, eventhough it is actually a giant Nestene transmitter instead of an overgrown, expensive Ferris-Wheel….

    My wife and I love visiting London, and walk amongst the crowds at Piccadilly Circus or the West End when the evening falls.
    We also love to “do bookshops” between Oxford Street and Charing Cross Street.
    We hope to visit London again for a short trip in February…

    Sadly we can only receive BBC 1 and 2 where we live, so no Jayne on BBC 4. But if you keep up your tv appearances, you will soon qualify to be celebrity-ish enough to participate on “Dancing with the stars” on BBC 1, right? That is our only hope.

    That would be nice. Jayne in killer heels and killer frock gliding across the floor.
    Followed of course by series three of Doctor Who.
    Perfect tv-evening…..!

    Dutch Ruud

    You often mention your mate Biddy, and I was wondering, is that her full name, or is it short for some incredible posh upperclass British name? I bet it’s something like Bideapurgilliam, right ?

  2. Anonymous

    hello, first time visitor here, so please go easy on me…….has this worked?

  3. Anonymous

    ah, i see it has worked, and now i look like some kind of crazy lunatic,

    oh well, hi jayne, hi biddy!!

    andy watt

  4. Biddy Brumpton

    Aaaargh!!!! Ruud guessed my real name! Now I’ll have to turn all his gold into straw! Or something…

  5. Jayne Nelson

    Hey Ruud,

    I think the London Eye is a Nestene transmitter every time I walk by it, which just reinforces the fact that I’m a huge sci-fi geek and I shouldn’t be let out of the house. Sigh…

    Let me know when you and your family are in London – we should meet for coffee!

    Oh, and hi Andy! I’ve deleted some of your posts because they were just repeats. I’m quite tidy that way. Hope you’re well!

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