Late Night Lament

Sorry for the lack of updates over the last few days. It’s deadline week and, when I haven’t been at work, I’ve been snowed under with freelance writing, going out with long-lost colleagues and entertaining visitors.

(Which reminds me: never take Pet Shop Anny to a restaurant called Giraffe – she’ll steal the menu because she’s obsessed with the buggers. Good job the waiter didn’t mind… though he did inform her the burger she was eating was actually made of giraffe meat just to freak her out.)

At this moment I’m sitting at my desk subbing a feature in the Total Film office. It’s 8.30pm. I’m alone. The security guard has just wandered by and turned off all the lights except for the one over my head.

Strangely, all I can think about is cheesecake.



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4 responses to “Late Night Lament

  1. Grill

    You weren’t along – our entire team (save Gillen) and Official Nintendo were also slaving away at the other end of the office. They turned the lights out for us too. 😦

  2. Jayne Nelson

    I didn’t know that. Dang, our office is huuuuge!

  3. Anny

    They were lucky i didn’t take more then the menu!! oh and the plastic drink things hehehe

  4. Biddy Brumpton

    Hmmm. Cheesecake? Notice you didn’t mention the whole cheesecake “dish” thing…

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