I learnt a new word the other day. You know when you realise you’re thinking exactly the same thing as the person you’re with? That’s SAMEBRAINITY, folks. I intend to use it all the time, and always in capital letters, too, because it’s that kind of word.

My best mate Biddy is staying with me this week. Over the next seven days we have 600 hours of DVDs to watch, nine tonnes of crap to eat and two sofas to slowly mould to our prostrate bodies. It’s been fun so far, the kind of fun, in fact, that has you giving up on wearing eyeliner because the tears of laughter are making it run down your face in rivers.

Today we’re heading into central London for a pizza and a film screening (Pan’s Labyrinth) and I was just sitting here secretly wishing we didn’t have to leave the comfort of my flat and experience the real world again.

Then Biddy wandered into the living room and muttered, “I don’t wanna go outside.”


It’s such a good word, isn’t it?


I can’t stop saying it.


Maybe I do need to get out of this flat.



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2 responses to “SAMEBRAINITY!

  1. Lília Visser

    Great Term! We’re using it already (before we discovered Samebrainity, we just started to hum the theme to the Twilight Zone when we had the same thoughts).

    We discovered that we’ve used the term the most so far at five in the morning, when our 20 month old daughter Jasmijn became incredible awake in a vocal way. Lília and I just looked at each other and in one voice said: “it’s your turn! Idon’twannagetoutofthewarmbed!!”
    Samebrainity, right?

    Dutch Ruud

    Quick! Register ownership of NOW!

  2. Jayne Nelson

    Hee hee hee! I really wish I’d thought of it and not stolen it off someone else’s website now. Oh well, they’ll never know!

    (I’m amazed you can even THINK at 5 in the morning, let alone use a brand new word…)

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