Probably The Best Birthday Present In The World… EVER!

You’ll never believe this. I can barely believe it myself. It’s, well, unbelievable. But it happened – and I’m still in shock. In a GOOD way, though. A very, very, very good way…

I stayed up until 3am last night watching the first episode of Supernatural‘s second season. Then I spent until 4am watching it again because it was so utterly fabulous that once wasn’t enough.

At 9.05am this morning, a mere three minutes after I’d opened my eyes, I had a phone call from my friend Thomasina, who’s currently on the loose in Vancouver.

“Hi Jayne! Are you awake?” she asked.

“Yes, just about,” I replied. “How are you? How’s the trip?”

“I have someone here who wants to speak to you,” she announced. A man’s voice suddenly came down the phone.

“Hey,” said Jared Padalecki. “Happy birthday!”

Well, bugger me.

In case you don’t know, Jared Padalecki plays Sam Winchester, the guy on the right in the above picture.

The star of my favourite television show was on the phone wishing me happy birthday as I was lying in freakin’ bed in my jim-jams!

I was able to speak English again after roughly 30 seconds (quite an achievement, I thought, given the circumstances). I spent another 20 seconds or so stammering out variations of, “Oh my God, hello!” before shifting to the equally-as-eloquent, “How the…? What the…? But how…?”

“We have a mutual friend,” Jared laughed, meaning Thomasina, who I swear to God is now officially the best friend a girl could ever have.

And that was when I realised it couldn’t be easy for anyone to talk to a complete stranger down the phone when said stranger is babbling and giggling like a star-struck loon, so I pulled myself together.

A little bit, anyway.

I told him I’d been up all night watching Supernatural and that I’d loved the latest episode to death; he sounded pleased. We had a quick chat about how the second season is coming along, I said lots of nice things which I hope didn’t sound too gushy and he laughed, wished me happy birthday again and called me “doll”. (I still can’t quite believe he did that.)

Then he handed the phone back to Thomasina, who listened to me saying “thank you” over and over and over and over again until she decided she really had to go. I was still saying “thank you” after she’d hung up.

I’m not sure what freaked me out the most: getting the phone call in the first place, or the fact I spoke to Jared while I was lying in bed. I mean, come on… icing + cake, anyone? And what a nice guy for agreeing to chat with me! How embarrassing must a phone call like that be to make?

Oh, and Thomasina? There’s so much good karma comin’ your way you’re gonna have to buy a wheelbarrow to cart it about. Don’t worry, I’ll pay for it! I think I owe you. Again…

(Thanks to for the scan of the People Magazine ad!)



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8 responses to “Probably The Best Birthday Present In The World… EVER!

  1. David Lee Stone

    Get you! My wife is very envious – she tells me that he is the yummier one of the two. I’m thinking he’s the kinda reluctant brother who needed persuading in? Am I right?

    Either way….good on you for staying relatively calm. I’m quite happy talking to some celebrity folks I adore via email….but if one actually PHONED I think I’d lose the plot. 🙂

  2. Michelle

    That sounds like the perfect present!

    Just surfing around and hit your page, so I thought I’d stop and wish you a very splendiferous birthday. 🙂

  3. jenni

    Happy Birthday my dear! Thank you for sending me your blog address, I have spent the last hour reading them and laughing my head off – especially at the serial killer comparison! 🙂 Getting back to your birthday blog, I’ll have to watch this series now! Have to say though I’m working my way through Whizzkids, a tv show from 1983 about these American kids who solve crimes using their extremely advanced computer called Ralph! Lol! Have fun, Jenni

  4. neil h

    Happy Birthday Jayne!

  5. GoldAnne




  6. Lisa

    Aaaaahhhhh! Awwwww! Damn right is that The Best Birthday Present Ever! Your friend Thomasina truly rules 🙂

    Happy Birthday, Jayne!

  7. Anny

    happy birthday that is so cool, just so you know i have a really good friend like you have, but mine is you, thats what i was like after my birthday at the SFX thingy!! you are a fabulously lucky girl!!!!!
    I still wave when i go past the general direction of Thomasina’s house, next time if you like i wil shout a very special hello from you next time i’m passing hehe

  8. Jayne Nelson

    Thank you for all the birthday greetings everybody!

    Dave – yes, he’s the reluctant brother and I hope your wife isn’t too annoyed with me!

    Michelle – thanks for the birthday wishes!

    Jenni – I’ve never heard of Whizzkids but it sounds like just your thing! See you soon x

    Neil – thank you!

    Anne – ‘bonkable’? That made me laugh like you wouldn’t believe…

    Lisa – She really does rule. Thank you for the buffday greetings!

    Anny – I’ll warn Thomasina you’re going to shout at her house someday. I miss our trips to Cadburys!

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