Grape Expectations

So I’m walking down a corridor at work and I hear a commotion. A group of guys are standing around a small green grape lying on the carpet. One of them is holding an absolutely enormous ball made entirely from rubber bands, the size of a Jack Russell dog. He’s holding the ball in the air a few feet above the grape.

I watch, completely fascinated, as they count down from three and release the ball.

The grape is utterly obliterated.

Later, I can’t figure out if what I saw was hilariously funny or merely an evolutionary experiment on the part of the men, like the bit in 2001: A Space Odyssey when the apeman uses a bone as a tool for the very first time.

Either way, I felt sorry for the grape.



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2 responses to “Grape Expectations

  1. Anny

    that is really funny, it has made me giggle quite alot and reminds me of the ribena ads, mayb they are making there own grape juice and that is one of the 5% that don’t make it

  2. Anny

    matt din’t find what i wrote funny, i don’t get him, how can he find it funny every week in Extras when they call Barry Barry(i do admit that it is quite funny)but doesn’t think my comment is anythin more then amusing. Men!!

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