Still Jumpin’…

The Rolling Stones are playing Twickenham Stadium again tonight.

I’m sitting here listening to them through my open window with a huge grin on my face but wishing with all my soul that I’d had a spare £200 to actually SEE them play this time.

Still… if I had a spare £200 I wouldn’t have spent it on tickets. They may be one of the greatest bands in the world but that’s a shitload of money for one concert. What a con! Especially when I can hear them from my flat…

Here’s what the traffic looked like when I got home from work today (this was taken from the footbridge over the A316 by my house). Guess which way the concert is?

Oh, and my local pub got in the spirit of things, didn’t they? Bless.



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5 responses to “Still Jumpin’…

  1. neil h

    Are they serving brown sugar in their coffee? 😉

  2. Jayne Nelson

    No, but then You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

  3. Lisa

    Our newspaper has a Countdown To Stones thing on the front. 9 more days to go now, I believe…

  4. Lília Visser

    Can’t say that the Stones are my cup-of-tea, but I do like some stuff (which according to the real fans is from their terrible seventies-disco-dip-period).

    They played Amsterdam a few weeks ago, but it seems that their glorydays are behind them, since they did only one concert in the Amstedam ArenA, which wasn’t even sold out. The previous tour them did five concerts at the same stadium, and sold them all out.

    What if….. the Stones had the same PR-person as the Spice Girls?
    Mick would be Sporty Stone, Keith would be Scary Stone, and Ron would be Baby Stone,(çause he is only 59). But what would Charlie be….?

    Dutch Ruud

  5. Jayne Nelson

    Charlie would be Stoned Stone.

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