Third Time Lucky

My third post of the day about The Rolling Stones. Excuse me if I’m boring you, but I have to announce that at 9.49pm tonight they played Sympathy For The Devil, one of my all-time favourite songs (I even want it played at my funeral).

And not only could I hear the ‘Woo woos’, I could FEEL them. As I sat and stared at the stadium from my living room window, the words bounced off all the buildings and trees and walls around me and smacked the air like some sort of religious mantra. They had POWER. The stadium itself glowed red and fiery and smoke hung over it like it was a lava pit.

Alright, so I couldn’t see what was happening on stage, and while I could hear Mick Jagger’s words, they weren’t crystal clear… but I’ve still just listened to him sing Sympathy For The Devil live in my own house. I’ll never be able to afford Stones tickets but this will do nicely, thank you.

Altogether now:
Woo woo!
Woo woo!
Woo woo!
Woo woo!


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