Plane Crazy

A little ripple of September 11th passed over us today. Terrorists. Planes. Explosives. Thankfully, the police stopped death raining from the skies in the next few days (according to some reports, the attack was that close) and the culprits are in custody.

Hopefully. As a London commuter there’s a little, nagging voice wondering if a few bombers are still out there, armed to the teeth and only now realising it’s far easier to blow up a train than a bloody great aircraft which X-rays you before you can board it.

Happy thoughts.

I knew something was wrong when I climbed out of bed this morning: everything was too quiet. I live on the Heathrow flight path, 20 miles from the airport, and a plane thunders over my house every one minute and forty-eight seconds (I’ve timed them). This morning… I missed the rumbles, but I couldn’t quite put the lack of noise together with a problem until I turned on the TV.

Every single damn time I step outside my front door, the first thing I do is look up at the sky. There’s always a plane flying overhead. Always. Sometimes they’re so low I feel like waving to the passengers, wondering if I’d be able to see them wave back. It’s part of life; you don’t live where I live without feeling an affinity for the giant metal beasts roaring above you. I stare at them constantly, through my windows or my kitchen skylight or from the train as I travel to work. They’re always there, completing their pilgrimages to and from Heathrow, worshipping the clouds and splitting the skies with their engines.

We don’t know exactly what those bastards had planned, but it looks as though they were going to blow up six transatlantic airliners.

Possibly right over my kitchen skylight.

Would these idiots still get to Paradise to if we flew them to 20,000 feet and unceremoniously shoved them out of a baggage hold? I’d love to find out.


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6 responses to “Plane Crazy

  1. jNyasu

    OK, so i’m sure this wasn’t the part of your post you’d expect a rely on but, when you said

    “you don’t live where I live without feeling an affinity for the giant metal beasts roaring above you.”

    I suddenly wondered why they don’t paint planes to look like dragons. It’d be so lovely, seeing dragons cruising through the sky. They could put silky tails on the back and everything!

  2. Jayne Nelson

    Hey Iain! How’s you?

    And jnyasu – what a lovely image. I love it. I can see Hayao Miyazaki drawing up plans for the movie while I type… 🙂

  3. Lisa

    And I’m going to England in exactly one month. All of a sudden I’m a *little* less giddy…

  4. Iain

    Hello! Am good, settling into London nicely. Obviously it’s the right week to be starting a job on a national. 🙂

  5. The Baron

    I live west London, and no planes pass over me to often these days – but Concorde used to, twice a day. Not enough to be intrusive, but regular as clockwork. It is odd how much you not only get used to these sounds but grow to expect them. Still miss seeing that beautiful bird pass overhead.
    As for your thoughts on the culprits entry to paradise via your access scheme – I also would love to find out.
    As a major Bill Hicks fan I went to see the ‘tribute’ Return show a few weeks back and the “returned” Bill does a great & caustic routine about these so-called martyrs & the 79 virgins awaiting them…
    ps sorry to hear you didn’t get your big trip away …

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