No, Mr Bond, I Expect You To Fry

The James Bond soundstage at Pinewood Studios burnt down today. I just saw it on Sky News, all twisted and blackened, the proud “007” sign on its side scorched and unreadable.

I walked past that soundstage a mere two weeks ago and it made me go all tingly inside, like I was a psychic walking by a hangar full of celluloid ghosts and hearing them call out to me. That soundstage contained pure cinema history and I’m devastated it’s been devastated.

And how’s this for strange? When I was there I took a picture of the building, lit up beautifully by floodlights and the moon, on my cameraphone. I deleted that picture this morning after concluding I probably wouldn’t look at it much and I’d should be able to see it again one day and take a better shot.



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