How To Review Doctor Who Without Reviewing Doctor Who

I had a text message from Biddy earlier. “We’re off to a barbecue tonight,” it said. “Which means free food (woohoo!), but sadly I won’t be able to watch Doctor Who until tomorrow. Don’t text me any spoilers after you’ve watched it tonight!”

It finished airing at 8pm. Despite the fact I was busting to screech about Cybermen, all I texted her was this:

“The Doctor’s hair was particularly lovely in that episode.”

She replied: “A nice, non-commital review. You should work in journalism.”

I don’t know why, exactly, but I laughed so much at that I dropped my phone.


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5 responses to “How To Review Doctor Who Without Reviewing Doctor Who

  1. Stuart Ian Burns

    You want a failure to commit? Here’s the review of ‘The Girl In The Fireplace’ I wrote for the ‘Behind The Sofa’

    “It’s been very difficult for me to sit down and review The Girl In The Fireplace. Not because I didn’t like it. I did. I loved it. I just think I loved it so much that I’ve lost perspective. On my own blog I’m often left in the position of having to write about something that I’ve loved utterly and been defeated. Usually I just post a picture of the dvd, the book cover or the cd and let that be the single recommendation, and feedback says that some people like that approach because they know that even if whatever I’m presenting isn’t flawless, it’s made me feel, so they’ll feel too. Really all I wanted to do here is present a photo of the clockwork men, but since you all have seen it, that would be silly.

    This was television programme as statement. Not in the Cathy Come Home sense of illuminating some social problem, but in terms of demonstrating what’s possible if enough people love an artistic endevour enough that they simply want to produce and create something built on love and joy. Watching Doctor Who Confidential afterwards, every single crew member from Russell T Davies downwards had a sparkle in their eye and a glow which said that they’re all doing something which they never thought they would ever get the chance to do, and we should be very grateful that they’re being given the opportunity to do it.”

    I think I conveyed that I liked it. I just didn’t exactly say why…

  2. Lília Visser

    Indeed a nice review. My wife liked Tennant’s hair as well (actually, she likes Tennant, period). But we were wondering what is going on with Rose’s eye make-uo? Does she just likes A LOT of mascara, or should we start looking for hidden clue’s in the upcoming episodes, mentioning Bad Panda?

    Dutch Ruud

  3. Jayne Nelson

    Ah, Stuart, it’s always harder to review something you love. It’s much easier to give something a good kicking because then you can be funny and rude and get all flingy with the venom and vitriol. When I worked full-time for SFX, I’d often watch something and want to write the words “This is ACE!” over and over again to fill up the page, just because I couldn’t properly explain why I loved it.

    But they’d never let me. Bastards.

    Oh, and “Bad Panda”. That made me laugh like I was watching the Boosh.

  4. WhiteCrowUK

    You know my son has made me watch that episode 3 times.

    Never did I notice anything about his hair.

    I did notice Micky’s new haircut – are there points for that? 😉

  5. Norton

    Are we to start rating things in hair, now?

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