Farewell, Furry Friend

It’s a sad blog entry today: my little Tumble died on Tuesday.

She was, officially, The Cutest Rat In The World (TM). I loved her to bits. She used to come when I called her, was completely housetrained and wouldn’t come out of her cage to play without bounding over to say hello to me first. I’ll miss her stealing my possessions and hiding them under my sofa. I’ll miss her trying to run away with leaves off my ficus tree. I’ll miss her nibbling my fingers and giving me homicidal looks after she’d had a bath.

Most of all, though, I’ll miss her cute little face and the way she’d wrap her paw around my fingertip as though she was holding my hand.

Oh well.

I want a rabbit now.



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7 responses to “Farewell, Furry Friend

  1. neil h

    Sorry to hear that Jayne – RIP Tumble.

  2. Mark

    Hey Jayne! I joined this place just for your blogs!

    I’m sorry to hear about Tumble. But I can honestly say that out of all the rats I have ever seen he was definitely the cutest 😀

    A rabbit you say? Sounds interesting. Although I have been told they tear everything and anything within tearing distance.

  3. WhiteCrowUK

    Yeah – it always sucks to lose a pet, and rats kind of seem to have too short a life along with hamsters.

    Mind you I was in the pet store recently and was told parrots live to be 90 years old – the complete flip side, which seems mad.

    I don’t think I could ever own a bunny again, not since the locals of Portland persuaded me they’re bringers of doom … Anya was onto something you know!

  4. WhiteCrowUK

    If you do get a bunny – make sure you don’t get one of these …


  5. Jayne Nelson

    Thanks for your kind words – she was truly a king among rats. Or a queen, seeing as she was a girl’n’all. It’s not the same without her!

    Given up on the rabbit idea. It occurred to me that they chew through electrical wiring and there’s no way I’m losing my television to a fluffy bunny.

  6. WhiteCrowUK

    Good to hear that Jayne.

    Bunnies really belong in a hutch outside – dunno if your place has a garden, sounds like it’s a flat.

    I have a friend who swears by gerbils, and they tend to live a little longer, but they need to be kept in a group of three …

  7. Norton

    Aw, poor Tumble.


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