A Snapshot Of My Office

Me, picking up a photo of Superman: “I wish Superman was real. Imagine how fantastic this world would be if we had him looking out for the human race. No disasters, no accidents, no catastrophes… we’d never have to worry about anything.”


“Good lord,” stammered our Art Editor. “You really did just say that out loud, didn’t you?”



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5 responses to “A Snapshot Of My Office

  1. neil h

    Yes, but if there really was a Superman you’d be spending all of your time getting kidnapped or falling off tall buildings and the like, and you’d never get your SFX column written on time … 🙂

  2. Illandra

    Glad its not just me that has these moments lol

  3. LĂ­lia Visser

    I totally agree, but instead of Superman, can’t we have his cousin Kara instead? Same morals, values and assorted superpowers, but with a much more interesting outfit, that she fills quite nicely.
    Or at least, that’s what I think….
    Dutch Ruud (LĂ­lia’s hubby, Jasmijn’s daddy)

  4. mikeyc in the 21st century

    …You have to wonder though, how he’d grade the disasters he’d sort out… if several things happen at once which does he go for first? Flood here, lava flow there- plane crashing over there- and how much does he help? Stem the flow of the lava, or shut down the volcano completely? Evacuate everuone or just get em in the clear until the emergency services get there?

    How lazy would we get if he was there? Safety protocols? Ah, Superman’ll sort it out if the reactor goes critical….

    Would having a Supman around make us better or worse people?

    Hey, it’s my day job- I can think about stuff like this out loud 🙂

    M x

  5. WhiteCrowUK

    Bush is bad enough as the head of the world’s sole Superpower.

    Can you imagine how he’d be if he was the Superpower with the Superman?

    Truth, justice, and the American way … wonder how they are going to sell that in the new film considering how the American way being shoved down your throat is getting globally unpopular …

    A bit political I know

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