Thought I’d post today because I’m in danger of being one of those annoying bloggers who set up a site and then update it with all the urgency of George W Bush responding to a hurricane. I’m still here! Just incredibly busy – spare time filled with freelance work, work hours filled with Total Film deadline drama. I’ve been doing evenings to hit our latest press day and still have three days of bedlam to go… and much as I may regret writing this (who knows what can happen between now and the printers?), I’m quite enjoying it at the moment! I think I need my head examined.

When I have managed to snatch some relaxation time I’ve been bingeing on season one of Veronica Mars, which I think airs on UK Living over here (with nobody watching). I got a region one US box set from a guy at work after hearing how good it was; boy, is it addictive! It’s an intelligent murder mystery/high school drama/comedy with an immensely likeable cast. Some say it’s the new Buffy, minus the supernatural elements; other compare it to Nancy Drew. All I know is I’m bloody loving every minute. It’s also so nice to see a young, blonde, female TV character attending a school in California and actually wearing the same clothes for more than one episode – Veronica isn’t supposed to be rich and it’s great to see the costume designers realising this. Bet I’m one of the very, very few who’ve noticed, though!

Anyway, must go. Have 1,000 words to write on The Matrix this afternoon. Wish I could just dial Morpheus for an exit and jump back into the real world, where I’m rich and lazy and have nothing to do but lounge. Sigh…



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3 responses to “Words

  1. Fence

    I’m a big VM fan, got the dvd for christmas and was instantly addicted.

    I think the comparisons with Buffy are being made because of the dialogue.

    Season 2 isn’t quite as great as 1, so far, but it is still excellent

  2. mikeyc in the 21st century

    Hey Jayne!

    Good to see you able to comment on other movies and books outside of SF. Veronica Mars is a very smart show– pity Living TV decided to ‘strip’ it over a few weeks, so if I was late back from the studio I ended up missing odd episodes.

    Though I agree wholeheartedly with you column on original Trek- still amazingly fresh even today. Next Gen was a product of the 80s as much as LA Law, which is why it worked. Where they went really wrong with Enterprise was making that a version of Next Gen NOT making it reflect contemporary TV. It’s where I think Battlestar Galactica has triumphed… and will itself look dated in 10 years time.

    Mike Collins

  3. Jayne Nelson

    Hey Mike!

    Nice to hear from you again!

    I’m loving BG but I agree, it’ll look dated soon. I suppose everything dates: the question is whether the dating hurts it or not. Star Trek (original) is in its own magical timeframe now, something I hope shows like Battlestar can conjure up themselves one day. I have to admit, the same goes for Dynasty!

    On that note, I need sleep.

    J x

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