Boosh Almighty!

Have you ever laughed so hard you get a stitch in your side? Ever been unable to breathe between guffaws? Spent the night wiping mascara from your cheeks through fits of giggles?

Obviously that last question doesn’t apply to (most) of the guys reading this, but you get the point. On Friday I went to see The Mighty Boosh and oh my God, I laughed so much it HURT.

Never heard of The Mighty Boosh? Not to worry; they’re still quite small and culty, though their fame is spreading. Comedians Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding first created their bonkers new world for the stage; then they brought it to radio, then a BBC television show and now a national tour. They play Howard Moon (jazz maverick) and Vince Noir (King of the Mods) and the adventures they have are like something out of your wildest dreams – trips to Monkey Hell, encounters with evil green hitchhikers with Polo mints stuck on their faces, desert island disasters with coconuts… in short, The Mighty Boosh is the weirdest experience you’ll ever know. And it’s bloody hilarious!

Seeing the guys on stage was extraordinary; second row, close enough to get sprayed with water when the Hitcher ‘peed’ on the crowd – at least, I hope it was water – and blinded by the spangled spanglyness of Vince’s spangly jumpsuit. (Isn’t spangly a lovely word?) Barratt and Fielding were in fine form and, as this was a warm-up show for their forthcoming tour, fully prepared to giggle and improvise whenever they saw fit. The crowd were so hyped-up we were all screaming “Top Shop!” before the guys even set foot on stage (you had to be there, really) and every time the Moon had something to say you could barely hear him over the screaming…

I think I should give up; I can’t describe the Boosh in a few words. I would recommend you see them onstage, except that (a) you could be reading this outside of the UK (they’re popular in Australia, though!) and (b) they’re pretty much sold out, anyway. I’m seeing them again in March, so I’m happy!

Saturday was an anti-climax, really, after the heights of the night before – particularly having some (blurry) photos taken with Julian and Noel in the bar after the show – but I still had fun. Ex-SFX editor Dave met up with me in London, along with some pals, and we had a day of culture, wandering around the National Galleries and along the South Bank. Lovely!

We could have travelled down to Battersea to see the whale which swam up the Thames but it seemed a bit… I don’t know, callous. The poor thing was suffering enough without a million more gawkers. The whole city went bonkers over it, but it was a foregone conclusion it would die – it was MILES inland and the Thames is hardly a welcoming environment for an 18-foot sea mammal. I’m sorry it didn’t make it, but I hope people start thinking about how it got there. Did we scare it out of its normal, deep-sea habitat? Did we drive it inland by meddling with its home? You betcha. Let’s try to fix that for the future, m’kay?

Oh, and a final, much happier note: congratulations to Vanessa, who gave birth to little Jason Sydney Hards at 1.09pm today! I really hope you didn’t miss Smallville and Battlestar Galactica in all the excitement, as I know you were worried about that…

I’d also like to say a hello to Nat (don’t go back to Turkey, move to London and entertain me with your antics!) and Gold Anne, who has a heart of gold and two very cute cats. Hey Othello! Hey Desdemona!

Cough. Normal service will resume soon. Thank you for your patience.



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2 responses to “Boosh Almighty!

  1. Nab Gil

    Sorry Guv’! I’ll get pictures so sharp next time you could cut yourself on them!

  2. The Baron

    bit late to say it …..but I also loved the Patrick Stewart stage production of Scrooge….
    On a totally different note (but still live performance) I am thinking of trying “Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens” next, have you heard any opinions on this – a supposed “cult in the making”?

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