Happy New Year, gentle readers: however many of you there are out there! (I have no way of knowing, other than by looking at the counter on the “About Me” page on the right – which is utterly wrong, so take no notice of it.)

It’s the time of year for lists of resolutions, promises and vows, so I thought I’d share mine. Some probably tally with yours. Others may just scare you. Or you may not have written a list of things to change about yourself because you’re perfect already – in which case, can I have your phone number? Especially if you look like David Tennant…

(Damn, I must stop obsessing about Doctor Who. Although I won’t add that to my list of resolutions because I’m enjoying it too much to stop at the moment.)


The List

1) Drink less coffee and more water (already broken this resolution).
2) Eat healthier food during my lunch breaks (ditto).
3) Do the washing up every night before bed.
4) Don’t do all my freelance writing the night before I’m due to hand it in (already broken this one, though I have counterbalanced it by handing in a book review to SFX a few days early, so I’ll let myself off).
5) Spend less money on Starbucks coffee, sweets and chocolate and spend it on paying bills instead. Or on DVDs. Actually, I think I’ll resolve to buy more DVDs regardless.
6) Read every single Sherlock Holmes story.
7) Stop swearing at my computer when I’m at work. It can’t hear me. Though I suspect it could if it chose to.
8) Re-read Gone With The Wind.
9) Phone my friends more instead of texting them – I’m getting rather scared of developing RSI.
10) Meet Goran Visnjic from ER.

In 2005 I met Rob Lowe and also walked down the red carpet at a film premiere a few feet from Ewan McGregor (then saw him on stage a few months later). Now I just need to meet Goran and I can say I’ve been in the presence of the three most gorgeous men in the world. Somehow, someday, Goran is gonna hear from me… but not in a scary, stalker-ish way, I hasten to add. A cheery “Hello!” or a handshake will do nicely. As long as he speaks to me in that adorable Croatian accent, I’ll be happy.

Ahhh… Goran…

Suddenly have the urge to Google for pictures of him. So long, suckers.


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8 responses to “Listmania!

  1. neil h


    I’m a regular reader … 🙂

  2. Jayne Nelson

    Ah, but do you look like David Tennant? 😉

  3. neil h

    Not really, but I’m a *much* better swordsman than he is … 🙂

  4. Fence

    I’m a recent regular reader.


  5. Crazy Dan

    You have a knack for writing. I read about 20 blogs a day, and skim about 30 more, so I mean it! We can all use improvement, but you certainly are better than most I’ve read.
    I’ve just started a blog, about king kong toys (I know, it sounds strange!) but
    if you don’t mind, I might drop you a line just to get a little advice. Ok?

  6. David Lee Stone

    I look like David Tennant. Well, actually I look like David Tennant did when he was tall, stick-thin and ginger….don’t suppose you remember him then?

    Good to see your blog up here, Jayne. I’ve only just chanced upon it, but it’s fantastic: really, really enjoyable.


  7. Jayne Nelson

    Hey David,

    Nice to hear from you! Weren’t you one of SFX’s reviewers many moons ago? I seem to recall you being too busy actually writing books to be able to review them – which is a very wise choice…!

    Thanks for the kind words about my blog. Hope I don’t talk about sexy men and pet rats too much!

    J x

  8. Jayne Nelson

    Oh, and hi to Fence, too! Also, I could make a double entendre about swordsmanship but I think neil h would get the wrong idea…

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