Christmas Who

Christmas Day.

Doctor Who.


And my love of it had nothing at all to do with David Tennant being bloody lovely, okay?

I need to watch him in Casanova again, right now.



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3 responses to “Christmas Who

  1. neil h

    “Did you miss me?” … wonderful stuff. Have you downloaded the podcast commentary track off the bbc doctor who page yet?

  2. Jayne Nelson

    Not yet, though I’m not sure my computer at home will play it (and I’ll never get a chance to do it at work).

    Oh well, sure it’ll be on the eventual DVD!

    “No, that’s the Lion King…”

  3. Sue S

    Wasn’t The Christmas Invasion “fan-tastic”?!

    Jayne, I have a feeling I once met you at an a-ha gig… does the Royal Albert Hall in 2002 ring any bells? Glad to see your taste is as excellent as ever! ;o)

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