That’s A Wrap! Or Not.

Oh dear.

Being that I’m somebody who’s pathologically organised, I finished buying all my Christmas presents three weeks ago and wrapped them up soon after. However, I didn’t have any gift tags, so in the meantime I left them in little piles so I’d know whose present was whose.

Unfortunately, since then they’ve been rearranged several times as I’ve shoved them out of the way, vacuumed under them or simply tripped over them.

Now I have no idea what each present is, or who it’s for. I’m going to have to unwrap them all to find out.

Someone, somewhere, is laughing at me. I have a feeling it’s Father Christmas.



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2 responses to “That’s A Wrap! Or Not.

  1. Stuart Ian Burns

    Don’t worry, it happens, believe me.

    Sorry to post this in your comments but I can’t find an email address. I wondered if you’d be interested in the following. I’m currently inviting guest bloggers for a review of 2005 which I’m running on my weblog through December, hopefully with at least one post per day. It would be really great if you could be involved. Especially since, well, I love your writing.

    What I’m asking for is that people describe a moment when they suceeded in doing something they’ve always wanted to do this year. For example, I’ve written about returning to university. It could be as simple as being able to see a film, trying a type of food or going to a concert. It doesn’t need to be a life changing event, but it really could be. It depends how open you would like to be. But what really counts is how it made you feel.

    I know you’re busy but if you’ve got some time I’d love to include something from you. It can be as long as you like. Here is a link to the introduction which includes links to items which have been posted so far …

    Take care,


  2. Goyle

    I know I’m giggling a bit… (Stella here, btw. Sekritly.)

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