All Hail Narnia!

I’m very tired tonight so I won’t write much – we moved offices today and I buggered up my back, but I won’t sulk about it here (I’ll whinge to my workmates tomorrow, poor sods). However, I just wanted to mention that I saw The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe a few days ago and it was really bloody good.

There were little children sitting by me who got so excited they jumped to their feet and watched the film standing up – how cute is that? Luckily they were small, so the people behind them could still see. They also didn’t go to the toilet for over two hours and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a kid’s film at the cinema and not been annoyed by sprogs’ bladders – amazing! They must have been truly engrossed.

This film is going to be massive around the world; I’m even thinking it could break global box office records. I feel sorry for King Kong, which will no doubt be a better film but it’s going to be hammered by Narnia’s success.

I’d also like to add that Mr Tumnus, the faun, is adorable. And that I’m rather disturbed by Aslan the lion, because he had Liam Neeson’s voice and I think Liam is gorgeous… so hearing it coming out of a big cat’s mouth was a bit disconcerting.

I’m probably on my own with that one, though.



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5 responses to “All Hail Narnia!

  1. Chris

    Hi Jayne

    Looking forward to LWandW as it’s been 30 years since I finished reading all the books for the second time to the old dear over the road (whether she wanted me to or not I don’t know).

    All the best with the work and the new name


  2. garyb

    Hi Jayne

    Sounds like LWandW is a good movie, will have to catch it !


  3. neil h

    I was a bit dubious about the film, mainly because talking animals always look a bit naff but seeing the trailer in the cinema the other week has changed my mind. I think the bit with the wolf guard outside the beavers house where he turns round and says something convinced me, so if you say it’s good I’ll allow myself to get officially excited … 🙂

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blog!

  4. Walter

    Is King Kong really going to live-up to everyone’s expectation, though?

    I haven’t seen a bad word written about it ANYWHERE!

  5. Chris

    Hi again

    Loved Narnia. Took older brother and left the young nieces. It’s the thing to do. Love them really.

    Would like to have seen a tiny bit more on dialogue from book between the Prof and Peter and Susan – “Well sir, if things are real, they’re there all the time.” “Are they?” replied the Prof.

    Happy one

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