Secret Squirrel

This is dumb. Earlier today, I laughed so hard that tea came out of my nose. The reason for my mirth?

I went up to a work colleague, slapped him on the back and said, “You’re doing well today, mate.” He looked chuffed and thanked me.

What he didn’t realise was that, when I slapped him, I Sellotaped a picture of a squirrel to his back.

The squirrel was suspended between his shoulderblades for the entire day. Every time I saw him I got the giggles.

Little things amuse small minds, I guess…

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One response to “Secret Squirrel

  1. Chris

    I well remember the only time so far I’ve spurted tea out my nose, being caught out laughing. In retrospect, glad I was alone in the house at the time. Must have been, ooh, years ago. Something someone said on the radio which caught me unawares, it was so surprising. Wish I could remember what it was.

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