Pottering About

Well, it’s all been happening. I go away for the weekend, have a wicked time, get home late on Sunday night and realise my lovely rat, Scamp, is desperately ill. So I head to the vet first thing on Monday morning to have her put to sleep, blub just enough to make a woman sitting in the waiting room cry too, and go straight to work, mascara smudged around my chin.

And then I do a phone interview with Harry Potter.

Blimey O’Reilly. That made me feel much, much better.

In fact, I spoke to Dan Radcliffe and director Mike Newell yesterday – Dan at work, Mike on my home phone. They were both lovely and I have officially been whipped into a frenzy over Goblet Of Fire – I can’t wait! I also, rather sneakily, got them to answer the now-legendary “Is Snape really evil?” question. Here’s what they said:

Mike Newell: “I simply don’t know. Obviously Jo is keeping all her options open until the last book, and it’s impossible for me to judge why Snape does that extraordinary thing in book six… and yet you felt, all the time, that he’s gotta be a good guy. Anybody who comes on as a bad guy as strong as that has got to be a good guy! You still feel that about him.”

Daniel Radcliffe: “Unless he’s like a double-triple-double-double-double-double-spy then he would have to be evil! He could be being very clever and not saying anything, but to me that implies that yes, he is.”

So there you go. For the rest of the interview, check out the December issue of Total Film…!


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