I went back to work today after six days off and thoroughly confused my co-workers by announcing I’d changed my surname from Dearsley to Nelson over the weekend. I swear, if one more person asks me if I got married I’ll go all Scanners on them – SPLAT! Still, can’t blame ’em really; a wedding is the logical thing to assume if a woman changes her last name. I’m sure it won’t be long before the mail starts arriving addressed to “Mrs Nelson”. Sigh… I feel old all of a sudden.

Anyway, to beat my back-to-work blues, I had two nice things waiting for me when I sat down at my desk this morning: over 80 emails in my inbox – largely from SFX readers who want to know if Snape’s evil or not (see below if you haven’t checked it out yet!) – and a little white envelope from Nick Setchfield, my former SFX workmate. When I ripped it open, out fell a Serenity trading card containing a picture of Nathan Fillion topless.

Nick, I thank you from the bottom of my libido.

That’s not the end of it. By some unbelievable, galactic coincidence – and I still can’t quite believe this – less than two hours later, the trading card in question was sitting on my desk… with Nathan Fillion’s still-drying signature on it.

Yes, I got it autographed. Autographed! While I was at work! I never even left my desk!

Sadly, I didn’t meet the lovely Nathan; he was doing a signing at HMV in Oxford Street with Joss Whedon and Summer Glau (Serenity opens today, don’t ya know – go and see it, it’s fabulous). I found out about the signing and immediately whinged to my friend Vanessa, who works two floors beneath me, that I couldn’t go to it. She mentioned it to one of her co-workers, who swiftly darted out of the building – stopping along the way to pick up my trading card – and hot-footed it down to Oxford Street. He got my card signed by Nathan, had a Firefly box set signed for Vanessa and arrived back at work less than 45 minutes later, out of breath but happy as Larry cos he got to see Summer Glau in the flesh.

So Nathan’s fingerprints are now on the trading card on the wall in my kitchen and I can’t stop staring at them and his lovely chest in the photo. What a bleedin’ fluke! Thank you, Gillen. Never spoken to you in my life but you got me something touched by Captain Tightpants himself and I’m eternally grateful. I most definitely owe you a drink or two, gorram it!

And, as though the day couldn’t get any better, I’ve also just watched the first two episodes of Lost season two. No spoilers – but man, cliffhanger city! Say no more…


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