Yesterday was my 34th birthday and Christ on a bike, did I eat a lot of chocolate!

All my cards seemed to wish me the same two birthday presents: Ewan McGregor, Goran Visnjic or Rob Lowe in their respective birthday suits… or lots of chocolate. I ended up making do with the latter, seeing as Ewan, Goran and Rob failed to show up. Bastards.

I’ve had a few days off work to celebrate. I spent Friday watching my new DVD box set of Due South season four. I spent my birthday meeting friends, going to the cinema and watching my new DVD box set of Due South season four. Today I met my old college friend, Jenni, who I’ve not seen in five years, flew the London Eye, went to St Paul’s Cathedral and then, after she’d gone, I watched my new DVD box set of Due South season four.

My new DVD box set of Due South season four is rather good.

Inbetween the birthday celebrations and copious dollops of polite Canadians, I’ve also had a bit of a revelation. You could almost call it an epiphany, simply ‘cos I really like that word. You see, I’ve always hated my surname. “Dearsley” just isn’t me and it never has been. I’ve wanted to change it since I was 10 and have never been able to find a suitable replacement – though I did flirt with, at various times, “Kirk” (after James T, starship captain), “Starsky” (after Dave, partner of Hutch) or “Cooper” (after Dale, Twin Peaks’ resident FBI man). Logic prevailed, however, and a couple of years ago I decided on “Nelson” instead.

Which nobody liked, so I gave up.

Well, that’s incidental now because I’ve just managed to trace my family tree through the 1901 census website and have discovered that my great-grandfather was Thomas Henry Nelson (tobacco merchants’ labourer) and my great-great-grandfather was Thomas Nelson (iron foundry labourer). So the moniker I chose at random because it seemed to fit me is actually a family name stretching all the way back to 1851. Who’d have thunk it?

Which means that, from 1 October 2005, my new name is Jayne Nelson. Legally, officially and til death do us part.

Whether “Jayne Nelson” looks as nice written at the top of my SFX column is another thing, though. Typographically, it could suck. Fingers crossed.

Off to practice my new signature now. Toodle-pip.


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One response to “Re-birthday

  1. Claire

    Thought I’d already left one! Never mind! It’s Claire Zaple a blast from the past…I remember Haloween with Swedes and not Pumpkins…but we had a good time didnt we?

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