Harry Potter Is Good For You

My latest SFX column mentions that I’m sure Severus Snape is really a good guy and, if anyone wants to know why, they should email me. Well, I guess I should be careful what I wish for, because I’ve been inundated! It’s gratifying to know that (a) so many people do love Harry Potter and (b) they read my column. Thank you!

Anyway, I figured I should write my theory here, to save having to email everybody individually. It kind of makes sense. Though I still have to send them all the link to this website, so perhaps I’m not as brainy as I thought I was. Anyway:


Please bear in mind that if I’m right about any of this, your enjoyment of the next book could be ruined.
If I’m not, please email me when it’s released and go, “Nyah nyah nyah nyah nah!”

This is what my best mate Biddy and I concluded after we finished reading the last book. The more you think about it, the more likely it looks… but we still reserve the right to be mistaken!

Okay. Here goes:

Snape. Is. Not. Evil. He is, in fact, still working for the Order Of The Phoenix, and now that he’s killed Dumbledore his cover is so strong that there’s no way Voldemort could ever doubt his motives again.

Of course, there’s no escaping the fact that Snape murdered lovely old Albus, which doesn’t really help the “Snape’s a good guy!” cause. But look at it like this: what if Dumbledore was already dying? He certainly wasn’t well – what with his mysterious withered hand ‘n’ all – and there’s a strong chance that he and Snape came to an arrangement that, if it came to the crunch, Snape should sacrifice his Headmaster in order to prove himself to Voldemort once and for all. Who could doubt his intentions after he’d offed Voldemort’s greatest foe? And if the old man was dying anyway, doesn’t it make sense that he should go in such a useful way?

If you read the scene in question, it really does sound as though Dumbledore is begging Snape to carry out their plan: “For the first time, Dumbledore was pleading… ‘Severus… please!'” And, in killing him there and then, Snape also prevented Draco from taking a life, possibly saving him from turning bad for ever. Later, Snape seems to be protecting Harry when he could easily have killed him (not for the first time). All very clever!

Anyway, if that’s true, then the final book may very well contain a scene in which Harry (possibly teamed with Draco – who knows?) confronts Voldemort and Snape, and Snape switches sides at just the right moment, betraying his Master and saving Harry. Think Darth Vader and the Emperor. Except without shots of Ewoks jammed inbetween.

There’s also a chance that Dumbledore left a Pensieve somewhere showing just why he trusts Snape so much (we never did find that out, did we?) and also detailing their agreement. Pensieves are a handy way of providing exposition after a character has died – not only Dumbledore, but possibly Snape as well. If he dies in the big finale then Harry’s going to need an explanation, isn’t he?

So there you go.


Oh, and in case you were wondering, Biddy and I reckon that the initials RAB that Harry found in the locket belong to Regulus Black.
Remember how Harry, Ron and Hermione were clearing out Sirius’s house in Order Of The Phoenix? They found some interesting things back then… Regulus had been busy!

Okay, that’s enough of that. Feedback would be welcome, or you can just tell your friends the theory and pretend you thought of it all first; I don’t mind. I kind of hope we’re wrong because then the next book will be a surprise. If we’re right we’ll be unbearably smug… and rather sad we spoiled the fun.


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3 responses to “Harry Potter Is Good For You

  1. Biddy Brumpton

    Great blog!! It’s true! It’s all true! Snape has to be a good guy, the clues are all there! What about the abused little boy Harry ‘sees’ during his occlumency lessons in OotP? Can we really believe JK would make us feel sorry for him if he was such a greasy git? What about the fact that Snape goes mad when Harry calls him a coward at the end of THBP? If he had just killed Dumbledore out of malice, he’d hardly be upset, would he? I could go on for hours… but I won’t!
    Biddy x

  2. Jim

    Plus the fact that Snape made that binding packed with Malfoys mum that said he had to protect Malfoy. Maybe Snape knew that if Malfoy attacked Dumbledore, then Dumbledore would just take him down. Yes he was unarmed but still, he could of used a mind spell that Harry had been learning all year. So, the only way Malfoy was going to leave that room alive was by someone else killing Dumbledore.

  3. si murphy

    You could be right! there is also a chance that old Albus is not totally gone. That withered hand could be evidence he has made a holcrux too. I know it is dark magic that requires a death, but desperate times require desperate measures.
    Si Murphy
    ps you are spot on about Regullus. What are the chances that Voldemeotr’s holcrux was one of the items Mundugnus was trying to flog?

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