Welcome to my new blog!

Lord knows who’s reading this but chances are they know me and they’re wondering why I chose a name as shit as “Jayne’s World”. I have to agree, it is shit, but what the hell, Star Wars is a pretty shit name too when you think about it. Or Star Trek. Or Buffy The Vampire Slayer. And hey! They all worked out in the end, didn’t they?

I’ve been writing a diary for ages but suddenly it occurred to me that no-one was reading it and I was wasting time explaining to people what I’d been up to every day. Plus I seem to be stupidly busy and doing lots of cool things so sticking them online means I can share. Or gloat. Not that I would. I’m right modest, me.

So it’s Sunday night and I’m sitting at my computer in rainy London wondering what the next week will hold. The great thing about living here is that you never quite know. Last Sunday I decided I was going to have a lovely quiet week, nice ‘n’ peaceful, and that worked… until Wednesday. On my way home from work (Total Film, the UK’s second biggest film mag – and closing the gap!) I jumped off the bus at the Haymarket, Piccadilly, because I saw the run of Aaron Sorkin’s play A Few Good Men had just started. Seeing as I’m a huge fan of Rob Lowe, not to mention Sorkin AND Lowe’s co-star John Barrowman (last seen as Captain Jack in Doctor Who), I thought I’d nip into the box office and ask when they expected to have any spare seats. One hour and £20 later I’m sitting in the fifth row next to a lady from Channel Five news, staring at Rob Lowe in a naval uniform and wondering if I could conceivably kidnap him and hightail us both out of the theatre before anyone noticed…

Ahem. Anyway, the play was great and it seemed only fitting to go to the stage door afterwards. I met Rob Lowe and managed to make some quip about him and Tom Cruise mud-wrestling which made him laugh… awww. Then I was recognised by a friendly SFX reader which was bloody nuts but lovely – though he distracted me enough so that Rob escaped before I could pounce on him and haul him off. Darn.

So, that was Wednesday. Next day after work I saw a film called Murderball, which was great, and went for a drink with SFX freelancer Saxon Bullock afterwards. Then on Friday I ended up at the Royal Albert Hall with my friend Paul watching the Helsinki Philharmonic for a measly £4. Bargain!

Man, what a weird week. The most beautiful man on the planet (if you excuse ER‘s Goran Visnjic), a film about the Paralympics and an audience full of people yelling “Bravo! Bravo!”

Next week may be even more interesting. That’s the joy of London. And I haven’t even mentioned my job yet…

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